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Yoga for the Voice

I am the only voice teacher in the world combining ancient yoga breathing with the techniques of both bel canto and the "Science of Singing."

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"gfire combines the techniques of Sinus Tone Production and the practices of yoga with her own purposeful intentions to bring out the best tones of the singer. Her teaching style is relaxed, spiritually grounded, and attuned to honor both the voice and the listener. She inspires confidence in me, and has quickly improved the quality of my voice. I look forward to my lessons! "

- Martha Pinto, singer/songwriter, Georgetown, Texas

"gfire really listens (to your singing) and if you can't get your voice to sound right on a certain note, she finds the right solution and really helps you focus so that you reach your goal. Without her, I could never have sung for my husband at our wedding."

- Cat Lopez, vocalist, Austin, Texas

“I was essentially a ‘blank slate’ coming into my first voice lesson in YEARS. It’s been especially appreciated to receive confidence building reinforcement respective of my individual learning style. gfire is inspiring and moving; (she helps me) to reach inside my own musical identity. Kudos!”

- FML, musician, Austin, Texas

"Through learning some basic techniques, my singing voice has improved dramatically in volume and range. gfire is a very positive and encouraging person with a really great attitude toward teaching."

- William Instone, singer, Austin, Texas

When I first began my professional singing career in my late teens, I was very dissatisfied with the explanations I had been given for how and why the singing voice works.

Fortunately, I went to my public library and happened on a copy of “Science and Singing” by the late, great Ernest George White. White showed how the voice and vocal tone actually originate in the four sets of sinus cavities in the head, not in the throat/vocal cords, as was previously believed. White taught people to speak who had had their vocal cords surgically removed – just by training them in controlling the air in their sinus cavities.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, you can benefit greatly by learning the vocal secrets discovered by Ernest George White! Some of the amazing benefits include:

  • You learn exactly what your vocal range is and why
  • You discover how to create the very best tone your voice is capable of making
  • You feel the difference in your own body – singing feels healthy, beautiful AND under your control
  • A side benefit includes keeping the sinuses free and clear – it actually helps your overall health in addition to your vocal health
  • White’s exercises also improve your speaking voice and your vocal projection – they are marvelous for actors, teachers and public speakers as well
  • For children, I break it down to very basic, easy-to-understand exercises – they get the same benefits as the adults do, but in a way they can easily understand and have fun with

In addition, I am a fully KRI certified kundalini yoga teacher, and I teach all of my voice students ancient, effective and fun yoga breathing exercises in addition. Hence: “Yoga For the Voice!”

My voice lessons are available privately at my music studio in Austin, Texas. In addition, I offer lessons over the phone and over the Internet as well, via Skype or FaceTime, making myself available to you wherever you are in the world.

Rates for Voice Lessons:

One hour - $90 Half-hour - $45